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Specs to Consider for Your European Designed Kitchen

European designs consist of mixing old and new design details. Such as combining wood with other materials such as the stainless steel, marble or glass. This design originated from the Nordic countries. The design consists mostly of sleek, contemporary, and mid-Century modern designs. It blends spiral like kitchen furniture having angles that leave a dramatic effect. This design improves your kitchen. Also look by giving your kitchen a simple plan for efficiency and functionality. It also adds to the overall kitchen aesthetics.

This design has various options, whether you prefer a minimalistic. And modern feel, or the ornate and rustic world. The fusion of centuries of timeless design and innovation in functionality make this style very attractive. To most homeowners who are tired of the standard kitchen features. People looking for a unique remodeling design. That seems a little foreign yet catches the eye can consider having a European stylized kitchen.


European Countertops

One of the design details that make a European kitchen standout is the countertops. Europeans go for bolder counter options and most designers recommend granite countertop. Also  variations for homeowners to achieve a unique look. This is because Granite countertops provide a variety of coloring and pattern options to fit in with any European kitchen style. From Greek to Scandinavian. Their frameless design allows for a “seamless” look, which disguises the entire frame from the cabinet. Here are some of our favorite tips from the European Granite and Design team.

European cabinetry design

For the kitchen cabinets, you can consider laminate. As these are the material of choice for most European kitchen cabinets. In the past, this lightweight material was somewhat seen as flimsy. But new manufacturing techniques have made it much stronger. Also more durable. It is available in a wide range of colors. Also including the bright, bold hues that will give your modern kitchens a unique look.

The design combines two door styles on one cabinet. For-example you can have a full overlay drawer head with inset doors. The drawer heads will have a unique profile shaped characterized. By a slight concave arc, while the drawer door inside are inset.

For the kitchen open shelf units, use a track system that recess into the wood backsplash. These shelve can be adjusted using moving wood block up and down along the stainless steel metal rack. The upper shelves can be fitted with a ladder rail. That allows for large glass doors to slide right and left to give the kitchen an elegant touch. In most modern kitchens, things like cabinets are attached to rails on the walls. The cabinets share the design aesthetics with other kitchen furniture and appliances giving your kitchen a unique look.

Handle free design for the cabinets

Earlier cabinets were fitted with knobs and handles to avoid fingerprints and dirtying of cabinet doors. Ditching these knobs and handles for a flush design. It will give your kitchen a clean cut finish. This will give your kitchen a sleek European finish and leaves less to be visible.

Install an over the sink drying racks

They will do away with hand drying the utensils that the dishwasher could not handle. As a dish rack is essential for your kitchen. Also one over the sink will allow water to drip down out through the sink which in turn frees up precious counter real estate.

Kitchen Island

You can fit the island cabinets with metal doors to give your kitchen a theme decorative. This can be improved by having the  island  maintained. With a dark- stained wood frames on decorative legs at the islanders four corners.

Generally remodeling your kitchen using European design will give you a unique look that allows moiré freedom.

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