converting a tub into a shower

Remodeling your bathroom: converting a tub into a shower

There is nothing like comforting in the warm and bubbly bath to release all your cares. However, having time to take a comfortable bath can be luxury itself. This is the reason is why having a shower makes sense. In addition, it is the reason why every new construction includes a shower in a full bath. In case you live in a house without a shower, it is as if you are facing a 5×8-foot space. You have a small toilet, small vanity, and tub. Therefore, you do not have room to install shower without blowing out some walls. According to European Granite Design, converting a tub into a shower without much hassle is possible. There are ways you can do it without altering so much and have a shower in your bathroom.  Below are two means of converting the tub into a shower.

Tear out the tub and develop a fresh shower.

Converting a tub into a shower requires you to tear out the shower and create a new shower. This is not a small or neither simple work.  If you are a professional contractor, you can do it for yourself. However, if you are not an expert contractor, do not dare to do it. You can easily mess up, and you do not want to mess up since it may cost you much.  The professional will help you assess the space and possible solutions. At the footmark where the tub stands, you will have sufficient room to build the shower. However, you will need a solid surface to control and keep the water from dropping out into the bathroom.

An alternative consideration for a small-space shower is the door. When converting a tub to a shower, you need to consider whether you need a shower door.  If you want a shower door, ensure there is enough space for the door to open and close without hitting anything.  The shower doors are not relevant. Many people prefer handsome partial glass panels instead of the doors. The partial glass ensures the water is contained in the shower. The partial glass also allows cool air inside.  However, you must ensure that the room is always warm. Consider installing some heated floor in the shower. The heat helps to keep the floor dry thereby reduces the possibility of slips.

Retrofit the plumbing.

The other way of converting a tub into a shower is by retrofitting the current bathroom plumbing. This method allows you to keep the present shower while adding the shower. This technique requires you move the wall of the adjacent to add some space. This task is not a DIY; it requires you to call in a professional to bring the sanitation up to code. In addition, this method needs you to get a wall tile.  Many bathrooms without a shower have a window over the tub when renovating; this also requires some remedy.  This window has two remedies; these are walling it off and tiling over it or replacing the window with a glass block.  You can still get other window solutions from your builder. You can also add a sliding door that mounts to the top end of the tub.

Some people also consider adding a shower curtain. If you would like a shower curtain, you should consider buying a wall-mount rod. A wall wall-mount rod comes in two versions, a straight, or a curved one; you should go for a straight one as it makes the shower sensation more spacious. In addition, have a look at choosing bathroom remodeling wall coverings in order to spice things up in the bathroom.


In conclusion, regardless of the method you choose, converting a tub into a shower is absolutely worth it. It opens a way to upgrade the lighting and venting. In addition, it allows you to create more amenities that improve the value of your bathroom.

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