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Money saving solutions for your bathroom remodel

You may need to give your bathroom a new look without breaking banks. Just as there are design tweaks that can help improve your kitchen living, low budget bathroom tweaks and tips will help you in your remodeling process.


At European granite and design, we suggest working with a designer architecture. Although pricy, it is worthy as it will save you all the hustles and any expensive errors you would have overlooked yourself had you supervised the remodeling project. A budget arrived at with the help of a professional assures you that your budget and timelines are realistic. It will give you a path to help you achieve your desired goal of a beautiful bathroom upgrade.

During your planning, ensure that you minimize moving plumbing, as it is a costly activity. Using existing piping for your remodel is a good money saving solution when on a tight budget.

Bathroom mirror and porcelain perch

For your bathroom mirror, dress it up with a fantastic frame. This will give your builder-grade mirror a facelift at a fraction of the price of a new mirror at the stores. The frame will also hide any age related wear and tear.

For your toilet perch, you can avoid buying a new one by replacing the toilet seat and lid. Another money saving solution is changing this two tops to give your toilet a fresh new look without having to throw in huge sums of money in buy a new unit. Replacing the lids will also save you on the plumbers’ installation fees, as you would have forgone the installation work.

Bathroom floor and wall tiling

Consider alternatives when tiling your bathrooms, note that you do not have to tile your bathroom all up to the ceiling. These alternatives can include reclaimed wood panels, board and batten, or bead board as high-end looking tile replacements. Wood requires more maintenance, but also gives off a much warmer, comforting vibe than tile.

Cabinet configuration

As a bathroom is a private place with a small cubic measurement, you can consider using open cabinets. This will create an illusion of a bigger bathroom. Use a few drawers and covered baskets on high shelves to hold your private items. You can place your fancy towels, pretty soap, and washes strategically on the shelves.

Improving your kitchen lighting can be another way to remodel up your bathroom. Adding a builder grade lighting to your bathroom will increase the aesthetic appeal. On bathrooms with low ceiling, consider using skylight like solatubes to bring the outdoor feel in.


For your bathroom countertops, if you have vanity as the point of focus, using a granite for the countertop is a money saving solution and will give it a ‘wow’ effect. You can opt to give it an upgrade by using antique dressers from the flea market and antique stores. Design it to contain a sink either in it or in it. Antique dressers are easy to cut It will give your bathroom a unique spaces for hiding the plumping and seal drawers that you wish to let stay in their places. This will give your bathroom a unique characteristic, which on one will have another like yours. Additionally, you will not have to dig out huge sums of money for high-end piece.

Wall and ceiling repainting

Coordinated painting your bathroom with paints with details like the tiling works, to give it a new look. We suggest gloss paints as they dry fast and do not hold a lot of moisture. This will help bring an entirely new dimension to your remodeled bathroom thus is another alternative money saving solution.

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