Kitchen REmodeling

Making the Most Out of a Small Kitchen

There are many reasons why people prefer small kitchens to big kitchens. There are also many reasons why one would have a small kitchen compared to a big one. Space limitation can be a problem when it comes to kitchen planning, most especially when you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. On the other hand, there are many ways in which you can transform small looks into a decent kitchen space that satisfies you, and meets your needs.

Kitchens are one of the great transformation stories that European Granite Design would share with you. They harbor some of the best insights in making big, out of your small kitchen. Here are some of the ways in which your small kitchen can get some serious transformation.

Perfect Lighting Tone

A small kitchen can get easily overpowered by the lighting provided. One of the key indicators that the lighting in your kitchen has been poorly done is a fuzzy glare that really strikes your eyes. Lighting glares make things look pale in your kitchen, and they can psychologically prevent you from enjoying the freedom in your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling takes into account the lighting that perfectly works out for your kitchen. Dim kitchen lights are perfect while seated at the dining table, but adequate lighting is necessary for cooking.

Keep your Sizes Down

A cozy kitchen does not have to be big or small. When making your kitchen remodeling plan, the best thought into the matter is to reduce or downsize everything that disproportionately fits in the kitchen. It may be reducing the size of your kitchen island, or using minimalist designs in the framing of wall cabinets.

A harmonious look of things will be achieved when the kitchen fixtures seem proportional into the size of the kitchen. Keep the kitchen fixtures low, or have a minimalist design that utilizes dead spaces such as corners in the kitchen.

Make use of Glass

One of the ways in which you can help your kitchen feel bigger is by using glass. Cabinet doors can make you feel smothered in your small kitchen. Glass doors for your cabinet will have a more relaxing psychological appeal. It helps you feel that you are less confined in your space.

Keep all the Attention Glued to the Floor

The floor is the first check that eyes may land on, the first time you get into a place. Having an outdoor- borrowed input for the floor in your kitchen remodeling plan can reduce the diminutive feel of dimensional constraints. A wood flooring or marble flooring will help you out on this note.

Go Bold on Colors

There is a way with colors that can complete your looks for you. A bold color inclusion in your kitchen remodeling plan would mean that you will go the way of colors to know what will work out best for you. An investment in the wall colors, utensils and even the dishtowels can change your perception of space in your kitchen. A great way to make things work is to make use of bold colors.

Think Comfort

Not many people invest in the thought of how comfortable they will be in their kitchen, a mistake that you may want to rectify in your kitchen remodeling project. When making the most in terms of comfort, more architecture comes into play than would interior design.

Rather than using interior design manipulations, the best way would be to work around the architect’s plan and conceive a way around with aesthetics. Think about high chairs that can allow you to sit knee to knee with your visitor.

You could also elicit comfort by setting a rich dark background color on part of the kitchen where the seating arrangements are made.

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