European stylized bathroom

General overview of a European stylized bathroom

You can stylize your bathroom to give it a contemporary European unique look, just like there are Specifications to Consider for European Designed Kitchens. Various European designs are available for bathroom of various sizes because of its straightforward and relatively plain look. This design style is particularly attractive to homeowners with smaller bathrooms.

You can remodel your bathroom to give it a minimalistic and straightforward environment by using these tips from European Granite Design.


The pedestal sink is a common feature of a European bathroom design. The pedestal sink is different from the traditional sinks with warrens of cabinets and drawers for storage, as it is simply a sink with the same form and functions but no additional storage. Homeowners with these types European stylized bathroom normally include mode additional cabinets to get extra storages.


For a bathroom that you are remodeling to give it a European look, European Granite And Design advice on using ancillary storage within the space, such as a standing linen closet. This is because they are widely available in a variety of colors and sleek models to complement your theme. European cabinetry and storage trademark is that they mostly feature doors with minimal hardware and a flush design without additional ornate carvings or crown moldings of the traditional designs.

Remodeling Materials

Materials for European bathroom designs run the gamut from high-quality naturals like wood, stone and granite to artificial versions that approximate the look of natural materials. Opting for naturals will definitely require a bigger budget, but many homeowners find that a European stylized bathroom that pairs, for example, high-quality wood cabinetry with a striking stone vessel sink achieves a dramatic and elegant effect that might be difficult to attain with artificial materials.

Bathroom Accessories

Accessories in European bathroom designs are generally understated and specific to the overall design theme. Whether in terms of color or materials. For example, a glass vessel sink might pair with glass containers for bathroom accessories and supplies. Another one a mirror frame might feature the same wood or metal as the under-sink cabinetry. Its  helping to achieve a soothing and elegantly minimalist design.

Bathtub Ideas and Inspiration

Modern tubs come in different shapes: cubes, rectangles, variations of ovals and round styles are typical. If remodeling a small bath. Triangle versions will fit nicely into a corner alcove. Other characteristic that set modern bathtubs apart from other types include flat. Slender edges running along the perimeter of the tub and the minimalist, defined lines. Choose tubs that tend to have distinct sides and smooth contours as this allows them to become focal points for your European stylized bathroom.

Most modern tubs are freestanding and are available in soaker and traditional versions. If you prefer surrounds, a drop-in bath is also available. Some drop-in modern tubs also have hydrotherapy options. Generally, most modern baths have been casted in acrylic to give it a level bottom thus negating need for feet or pedestals.

There are virtually endless designs that you can use to customize your bathtubs. Choose filler finishes that accentuate the neutral color palettes of your modern bathroom, such as black or brushed nickel. As most modern bathtubs are freestanding, floor or wall mount faucets will be necessary.

Consider concrete tubs if you are looking for an even more upscale feel for your modern bathroom. These are all custom-made to your specifications for shape, size and space.  Concrete tubs may be casted in a factory or in your home, which allows for shapes or sizes that would not fit through the average door. Topical sealers are applied to make the concrete tubs waterproof. You can customize the bathtub to your desired color if you do not like the battleship gray color.

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