Five Amazing 2018 Remodeling Trends for your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is a significant way to enhance the value of your house and the efficacy of the space. You will need to know therefore what is new in the market if you intend to remodel your kitchen this year. Moreover, some 2018 remodeling trends for your kitchen change very fast, others stay for some time.

It is apparent that some individuals plan to renovate and resell their homes. Conversely, others only need to improve an outmoded kitchen. Whatsoever the reason, these 2018 remodeling trends need to be included when possible.

Have you ever noticed a lot of kitchens are in deeper and darker colors? This is increasing as people prefer to have dark hues in their kitchens. Apparently, kitchens are evolving to accommodate the contemporary families. In most cases, individuals are building kitchen spaces that they can cook and also entertain guests. Here are the five most amazing kitchen remodeling trends, which you should know about:

Open Shelving

One of the 2018 remodeling trends for your kitchen is open shelving. It has been on the rise where most of the homeowners do not want to deal with the cost of installing new cabinets. Therefore, they choose to go for the simplicity and plainness trends. Apparently, the open shelving trend makes the kitchen space airy and open.

Kitchen Seating and Islands

Even though kitchen islands are the most common feature you will recognize in most kitchens. The thought of using them as the main gathering point is what makes them trend. For some time now the dining rooms have been an essential part of the home. Nonetheless, most people are relinquishing traditional seating and including most of all their seating at a peninsula or island.

For this reason, you can remodel your kitchen to create a kitchen island with a centerpiece and seating arrangements to make it a meeting point for everyone.

Tech-Ready Kitchens

The recent kitchen gadgets are incorporating smart technology as one of their functionality. While it was a trend trendy in 2017, it is apparent that it will continue also in 2018. You can renovate your kitchen to become a tech-savvy room. For instance, you can upgrade from automated cooking devices to just commanding your kitchen lights to turn. Thus, ensure that your kitchen is well-prepared for all the recent technologies this year by establishing more outlets to plug, and a docking station.

Darker Colors

As big shock to most people, dark kitchen colors is bursting up such as forest green, charcoal, and navy blue. Additionally, these colors will perfectly match with your cabinets since blue cabinetry is on the rise now. Can you imagine having a dark blue kitchen island with white border cabinetry? It will look so amazing and add value to your house.

Wood Countertops

Do you know that natural components are a hot piece to have in any part of your house especially the kitchen? Thus, if you plan to remodel your kitchen this year, consider wood countertops. These are a fashionable aspect to have in your cooking area. Even better, it is a bucolic look, which will appear great if combined with the above trends. In fact, if you are searching for a biodegradable alternative, go for reclaimed wood counters.

What’s going out in 2018

It is evident that a few of the kitchen trends will become old-fashioned. One good example is pot fillers that most homeowners have always included when renovating their kitchen. It was once a great idea and most individuals were thrilled to integrate them.  Other kitchen features that you will not see in 2018 are:

·      Window treatments

·      Bright colors and accents

·      Racks for hanging pots


These 2018 trends will center on making your kitchen a warm and welcoming place for all. If you are looking for ideas that are trendy for your kitchen come to European Granite Design. Here you will also get to know concerning the essential guide to the do’s and don’ts of a kitchen remodel.

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