Counter Top Project

Counter Top Project

When you decide to go for your dream kitchen, there are essential things you should know. This ranges from picking your granite tops to getting the right company to remodel your kitchen. Knowing every step will help you get a right contractor.  Counter tops are very sensitive; an elementary mistake may cost you three times more it may have cost in the first place. European Granite Design gives a comprehensive guide on how you should go about choosing the right contractor.

Changing the counter tops of your kitchen is not as hard as selecting it from a catalog and expecting it to appear the same.   This can only happen with the right contractor. A good contractor works with you right from getting the right suppliers and choosing the right granite slab. This is because all granite counter tops aren’t made in the same way.  Every slab has a unique colors and patterns depending on how they were designed. Whatever you see in the catalog may not be what you will find in the market. Therefore, you should walk with your contractor to ensure you select the best. Granite comes with so many district colors and patterns. The most popular include black, white, off-white, cream, brown, beige and gray.  The lesser purchased but beautiful colors include blue, green, gold and burgundy. The choices are endless; you are assured to get your preferred color.

After you have chosen the granite slab, many contractors will have the slab shipped to a fabricator. You must approve the template. The template is the scheme of your counter top that accounts for the sink, appliances, a back splash and other essential designs in the counter top project. Finally, the entire fabricator is delivered to your home.


For the granite counter tops delivered to your home, there are three parties involved. A granite counter top project has so many parties involved and therefore makes a person worry who to blame in case a problem happens.  In most cases, the contractor points out the fabricator, and the fabricator passes it back to you to the contractor and so on. To avoid this, you must walk with your contractor. Go for his or her preferred supplier and agreeing will help you in case a problem occurred. Ensure you agree with the contractor regarding anything that might happen.

Besides, you can choose to avoid so many parties in your counter top project. This can only be done by getting one contractor who will take the project from the begging to the end. When hiring, ensure you get an experienced contractor who understands the essentials of eliminating blame games. The best way is to find the one who has created a good relationship, invested much time and space it requires to become to be a great designer of the counter top. A cheap contractor may not be the best to choose.

When selecting, you should use a very strict strategy. There are so many companies who are looking to be hired. An experienced contractor should not be will to start the project when you meet. He or she must be having other project running. In case, he or she is over willing to start do not consider them. He or she might be very desperate. Another critical aspect is pricing. A very cheap contractor may be unqualified or inexperience.  Therefore, you should be very keen.

In conclusion, a counter top project requires an expert. It may seem like a very simple compared to a full kitchen remodeling, but it is not.  It is not something you can do on your own like some of the other remodeling staff. So always go for an expert.

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