choosing bathroom remodeling wallcoverings

Choosing Bathroom Remodeling Wallcoverings

choosing bathroom remodeling wallcoveringsThe fastest way to transform and remodel your bathroom is by changing the walls. The wall is critical. Every time a person gets in the bathroom, the first thing to notice is the wall. Therefore, you must ensure it always looks cool. For any surface, a good bathroom wall covering must stand up to heat, moisture, and recurrent cleaning. Mixing different materials is cool. It works well mainly if the bathroom is divided into compartments. Choosing bathroom remodeling wall coverings is tricky to some people. However, it depends on personal preferences as well as personality. According to European Granite Design, below is some of the best wall covering that works well in the bathroom.


Paint is the most affordable wall covering as well as ceilings. It is not permanent, and you can change it for cosmetic makeovers. In the bathroom, the best paints are the Gloss and semi-gloss. This is because they are water repellants and easy to clean. Nonetheless, the Glossier paints embellish the wall lumps and bumps and therefore are right on a smooth surface. In case you want to cover the tiles or porcelain surface, the best paint is epoxy paint.

Wallpaper and Vinyl Coverings

Choosing wall covering when it comes to Wallpaper and vinyl is the best experience. The Wallpaper and vinyl come various colors, patterns, and textures. Some have a repasted coating that requires some modifications to fit on the wall. In the bathroom, you should use wallpapers and coverings with a limit. Do not get yourself in trouble by papering the ceiling of this humid room. Keep in mind that bathroom wall covering must be moist resistant. Ordinary wallpapers are not the best to install in the bathroom. The Vinyl coverings particularly the laminated are the best. The laminated Vinyl coverings can overcome all the bathroom conditions better than the wallpapers. For this wall covering, always remember to check the label. If the product has a labeled scrub able, it means it can tolerate more abrasion than the ones labeled washable.


Wood is the most common choice when it comes to choosing bathroom remodeling wallcoverings. Many people love it. The wood covering adds a natural warmth, which complements the interior design scheme of a bathroom. All the bathroom wood covering either solid or plywood veneers should have a water-resistant coating such urethane.

Ceramic Tile

The ceramic tiles look good on the wall. The tiles are durable. They do not stain and are easy to clean. When installed well, the ceramic tiles are effusively waterproof. The ceramic tiles are abet more expensive, but it is worth having them on your bathroom walls. These tiles come in 4 or 6 inches square, but there are also other sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, you should note that there are ceramic tiles for the wall and the floor. Ensure you get the wall tiles for the wall and the floor ones for the floor. You do not want to make a mistake that will cost you more.

Glass Block

When it comes to choosing bathroom remodeling wallcoverings, many people do not think about the glass block coverings. The glass covering has a sleek modern look. It can transmit light while preserving privacy. This wall covering also applies well to windows. The glass blocks are the most expensive wall covering compared to but are worth.

In conclusion, choosing bathroom remodeling wallcoverings is easy and straightforward. It only requires you to beware of what you want. Do not select a particular covering just because you saw it work for another person. You should get what the best for you is.

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