Advantage of Installing Countertop

Custom Countertops
Even the most modest kitchens are immediately dressed up when a homeowner installs custom countertops, giving a kitchen a luxurious and inviting appearance. While custom countertops add style, elegance, and class to kitchens, they also have benefits beyond aesthetics alone. At Cutting Edge Granite, we believe that there are 3 primary benefits of installing custom countertops in your kitchen. Whether granite, marble, or quartz appeals to you, custom countertops will do the following:

1. Size – Custom countertops, when installed by installation experts, are sure to fit your space perfectly regardless of angles and size. Generic countertops don’t always work well in hard to reach spaces, so they may require costly modifications. With custom countertops, your new counter is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your kitchen.

2. Durability – When you purchase a custom countertop, you have full control over the materials you want. This means that you have a clear understanding of the durability of your countertop. When you purchase ready made generic countertops, you have no way of gauging how long they will hold up like you want them to.

3. Aesthetics – Because you get to select the perfect countertop for your home, you can make selections with the intention of coordinating with color schemes in your kitchen, pulling everything together into one cohesive, natural look. Remember, everyone notices your custom countertops, so take the necessary time to be sure they coordinate with the rest of the kitchen design and color palate.

Because you have a lot of decisions to make about custom countertops, it is important to consult with experts. At Cutting Edge Granite, we specialize in helping our customers select the perfect type of countertops to suit their kitchens both aesthetically and functionally. If you live in Metro Detroit and are interested in learning more about your custom countertop options, we are here to help.

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