How Long Will Granite Countertops Last?

Durabile Granite Countertops
If you’ve installed, or are thinking about installing, granite countertops, you might be doing so mainly for the aesthetic value, or the boost that it will bring to the real estate value of your home. As such, you might be wondering if the material itself is really worth it. After all, why would anyone make an investment in something that isn’t likely to last? Just how durable is granite anyway?

Granite: The Material of a Lifetime

The truth of the matter is that the material for granite countertops is already many centuries old by the time it reaches your kitchen, and if you care for it properly, it’s likely to last another few centuries or more. Granite is an incredibly durable material, one that can withstand just about anything the modern home will throw at it, provided you aren’t planning on using your countertops to practice your sledgehammer swing. Even then, the material will likely stand up.

Protecting and Sealing Your Countertops

The one drawback to granite is that it is a porous material, one that can absorb liquids and other materials into its structure. This means that if you spill a glass of wine on an improperly sealed granite countertop, it could end up absorbing the stain in a way that will make it impossible to clean. Even worse, food material can land on the countertop and turn your beautiful kitchen counter into a breeding ground for bacteria. This is why it’s crucial to maintain your countertops and keep them properly sealed to prevent unwanted materials from making a home in the pores.

Whether you’re looking into installing granite countertops for your home, or you’re looking for repair and sealing work to be done on the countertops you already have, Cutting Edge Granite is your home for the best in granite services. Contact us today and take advantage of this amazing material.

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